Quick Studies on the Shady Side: Registration Form

Print this form.  After entering the information and signing the disclaimer (located at the bottom of page), do one of the following:

· If you’re paying by PayPal, scan and email your completed registration form (as an attachment) to writingpis@earthlink.net or fax the form to 303-532-1053, or

· If you’re paying by check/money order, mail this form and your check to:

Quick Studies on the Shady Side: Tips and Techniques for Writers
c/o Colleen Collins/Highlands Investigations
P.O. Box 12159
Denver, CO 80212

Payments and registration forms are due prior to the start of the Quick Studies on the Shady Side course. Your personal information is for the course only--it will be kept confidential and never shared with any outside people or businesses.

Name of Quick Studies on the Shady Side workshop (circle one):

June 22-29 Surveillance 101 ($15.00)

July 20-27 Finding Missing People 101 (($15.00)

August 10-24 Skips, Lies, and Videotape ($30.00)

September 21-28 Your Cheatin’ Heart: Infidelity Investigations ($15.00)

October 19-26 Crime Scenes, Homicides, & DNA ($15.00)

November 16-23 Surfing the Web & Digging for Dirt ($15.00)

December 14-21 Trials 101 ($15.00)

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Disclaimer (please read and sign)

Highlands Investigations and Legal Services, Inc. is mentioned in the class materials by means of example and does not otherwise participate in this course.  Shaun Kaufman and Colleen Collins, individually and as shareholders of Highlands Investigations and Legal Services, Inc., affirmatively state that Quick Studies on the Shady Side: Tips and Techniques for Writers Developing Sleuths and Villains is solely intended for the purposes of writers and is not intended to supplant formal/approved training programs directed at private investigators where such training is required or offered.  The undersigned acknowledges the necessity of abiding by this policy by affixing his/her handwritten or typed signature below and returning it via email to writingpis@earthlink.net, faxing it to 303-532-1053, or mailing it to Colleen Collins c/o Highlands Investigations/P.O. Box 12159/Denver, Colorado 80212 USA.

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